RPM’s Construction Products Group creates and drives unique solutions for the construction, restoration and maintenance of the building envelope—including industrial, commercial and infrastructure projects. It serves distributors, contractors and end-users over a geographic footprint that spans approximately 130 countries and territories worldwide.


CPG Logos

Leading Brands

  • Tremco: Leading manufacturer of roofing materials and services, construction sealants, waterproofing systems, air barriers and firestopping solutions
  • Euclid Chemical: Global market leader in specialty chemicals for the concrete and masonry construction industry
  • Dryvit: No. 1 North American supplier of exterior insulation and finish systems
  • Flowcrete: Global market leader in high-performance resin, epoxy and decorative flooring systems
  • Nudura: A leading manufacturer and distributor of insulated concrete forms

Product Categories

  • Construction Sealants Adhesives Coatings & Chemicals
  • Roofing Systems
  • Concrete Admixture & Repair Products
  • Building Envelope Solutions
  • Insulated Cladding & Concrete Forms
  • Flooring Systems
  • Waterproofing Solutions


From sustainable construction solutions for the built environment to antimicrobial flooring systems, RPM’s Construction Products Group is building a better world.

Euclid Chemical’s Innovative Products Featured in New American Home Design

Through a recent partnership with the National Association of Home Builders, Euclid Chemical supplied several of its flooring solutions for use in construction of the 2021 New American Home. As the official show home of the International Builders’ Show, this project represents the highest standards for residential design, construction and efficiency. 

A three-story property located in Winter Park, Florida, this year's New American Home features an ultra-efficient, state-of-the-art home design with net-zero emissions.

Showcasing the latest trends and innovative products, the “concrete home” design incorporated several of Euclid’s concrete and masonry construction solutions to ensure resilience to fire and high-wind events.

Euclid’s Level Top PC-AGG self-leveling concrete overlayment was used throughout the first floor’s main living area, office space and bathrooms to provide a modern, polished aesthetic with superior durability. In addition, its Increte Granite Coat vinyl-chip epoxy flooring system was installed in the home’s three-car garage for a smooth, high-gloss surface. 

RPM Acquires Engineered Framing Systems Manufacturer to Partner with Nudura

RPM’s Tremco Incorporated acquired PreBuck LLC, a manufacturer of engineered “buck” framing systems for insulated concrete form construction, in May 2021. Designed for direct contact with finished concrete and non-corrosive to metals, PreBuck’s products are made from laminated structural lumber pre-treated for long-term durability. Through this acquisition, PreBuck will partner with Nudura to scale the business across North America. 


Flowcrete UK's Latest Innovation in Liquid Screed Technology

Isocrete Flowing K-Screed is the liquid version of Flowcrete UK’s award-winning K-Screed product, with the added strength of its innovative Flowing K Binder. Featuring proprietary additives, graded sand and low-shrinkage properties, this self-leveling liquid cementitious screed is the ideal solution to fast-track projects that require large volumes to be installed in a single day.

Viapol Installs Antimicrobial Flooring at Major Brazilian Supermarket Chain

Viapol and Flowcrete teamed up to supply more than 7,100 square feet of the Flowfresh MF antimicrobial cementitious urethane flooring system at a popular Brazilian supermarket chain to promote sanitary integrity and minimize the risk of contamination in its food processing areas. Using Flowfresh FC as a primer, the flooring system provides a durable, hygienic finish that inhibits up to 99.9% of bacterial growth between cleaning cycles.

USL Collaborates with Tremco CPG to Supply Leading Brands in Asia-Pacific Region

Southeast Asia is at the forefront of an infrastructure boom, particularly across the transportation and energy sectors. To capitalize on this opportunity and strengthen its foothold in the construction business, Tremco Construction Products Group (CPG) began supplying USL Group brands across the Asia-Pacific region on June 1, 2021.

This route-to-market collaboration will drive the growth of USL Group’s portfolio of complementary brands, including MatacrylPitchmastic PmBNufinsPDS and Prime Resins.

By leveraging Tremco CPG’s strong geographic presence and USL’s range of specialty construction solutions, the company can shift its focus to servicing larger infrastructure projects, such as bridges and highways, in these emerging markets.

This will strengthen the expansion of its infrastructure segment, while positioning Tremco CPG as a one-stop solution for specialty construction products.



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